Malmö: Increasing Visitor Numbers with ArrivalGuides

Malmö: Increasing Visitor Numbers with ArrivalGuides

In the south of Sweden lies a mini-metropolis and their third-largest city, Malmö. Interest in Malmö as a tourist destination has increased significantly in the last couple of years, and ArrivalGuides was instrumental in their exposure.

Malmö partnered up with ArrivalGuides in 2012, reaching the highest number of potential travellers via channels including OTAs, airlines, and hotels. Using the official tourist board’s own content, including video and pictures, ArrivalGuides allows Malmö to have the highest visibility through the most trusted travel brands and influential channels.

With the help of ArrivalGuides, information about Malmö is currently available on more than 300 travel distribution partners including Ryanair, SAS, Google Now and AmazonTV.

With up-to-date information and illustrative pictures, the number of downloads grew from 115,000 in 2013 to 269,000 per year in 2014, which is nearly as big as the population of Malmö. Furthermore, Malmö added the languages module, allowing their guides to be accessible in 8 languages.

The city of Malmö in Sweden have seen their reach of travelers grow from 1,307,552 in 2014 to 2,536,344 in 2015 which is a tremendous increase of 93%.

People around the world can get inspired by Malmö from hundreds of websites, mobile applications, in-flight entertainment screens, downloadable guides, social media and booking confirmation emails – through influential brands proactively communicating with travellers.

Bodil Olsson from Malmö Tourism said, “We joined ArrivalGuides in 2012. The online guide is very handy for us to work with towards the visitors and with the tourism sector in Malmö. The guide functions well with our website and it is easy for our visitors to use, regardless if they use downloaded PDF or online application. Our goals are to generate more visitors to Malmö and to use the channels on offer from ArrivalGuides so that visitors get inspired by Malmö and decide to take a trip here. To offer ArrivalGuides in many languages as we do is also one way to show good hospitality towards our visitors. For us, it is not enough to have information about Malmö only in Swedish and English”.