Strong knowledge of your audience is vital to success

Strong knowledge of your audience is now vital to success, and building relationships with travelers is an achievement for any destination.

By understanding their needs and behavior, destinations gain precious knowledge allowing them to transform their destination guide into a product that will attract further visitors.

Including additional languages to your destination guide gives you an opportunity to continue developing and gaining further insight to travelers you may have previously lost. This is one of the reasons ArrivalGuides offer this service giving you content in multiple languages that is automatically updated thanks to a partnership with the world’s leading language service provider (LSP).

In August 2015, Sonoma County, California published their destination guide in English however, within a few months, decided to increase visibility with the inclusion of additional languages – Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Through awareness of their target market thanks to help from the ArrivalGuides statistics tool (included within the network package), Sonoma County recognized that most of their visitors were reaching their guide in languages other than English – translating the guide was an obvious step for them to take.

Within the first months, Sonoma County has reached close to 21,000 visitors. The number increased to just under 134,000 visitors after the translations were added to the guide a few months later. By understanding their audience and target markets, Sonoma County managed to increase their visibility in just 3 months by over 500%.


“Sonoma County Tourism decided to implement an initial 3-language translation package from ArrivalGuides in fall 2015 to supplement our international sales efforts.  We have Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and French microsites on our own website but are lacking fully translated destination content, as well as deeper digital connections with foreign online travel networks that would allow us to reach potential visitors in specific international markets. Since ArrivalGuides has established partnerships in many countries, we have selected Japanese, Chinese and Spanish for our language package with the idea to distribute translated destination content to potential visitors in these growing markets. It works!” said Ariane Hiltebrand, Digital Marketing Manager at Sonoma County Tourism.

Paying attention to who your customers are and responding to their needs is vital – the better you assist travelers, the more success will you accomplish.

Constantly improving destination content might take time and financial investment but, at the end, the reward of gaining international exposure and higher visitors´ numbers will significantly strengthen the destinations´ business.

Download Sonoma County guide here.