Is the Time Right for Trip Planning Tools?

The following post was written by Ola Zetterlöf, chief operating officer of ArrivalGuides, one of the 2016 Phocuswright Conference media partners. The article was originally published on Phocuswright website. I was asked by Phocuswright to give my thoughts on the companies in this year’s Phocuswright Innovation events. For me there are two key factors to

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Travel distribution – the end of the world as we know it

A recent Amadeus report “Travel distribution – the end of the world as we know it” lists mobile apps as the most important technology to disrupt travel distribution. Mobile devices are already shaping the market today and their role as a major disruptor in the industry will continue to grow. Their portability is modifying the

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Has The Smartphone Killed The Tourist Office?

Cities and regions keep building and maintaining tourist offices and visitor centers, but do they serve a necessary function or are destinations just doing it out of habit? The original idea was to provide visitors with helpful information so they could find something they’d like to do and perhaps even stay a little longer. The

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Destination content in post-booking communication increases customer loyalty

The online purchase experience is nothing quite like purchasing goods at the supermarket, where swiping a credit card or handing the money completes the buying process. No store employee will chase a customer to the parking lot, trying to sell more goods. However, booking/buying online does not end when customer press the “confirm” button. After


ArrivalTV: Give Us A Minute And We Give You The World

Destination videos have proliferated at a time when travelers seek further inspiration for their next adventure. To survive in today’s competitive market, overflowing with online content, destinations need a unique voice. Video is one source that is becoming instrumental in creating this recognition. Already, marketers have embraced its potential at all stages of their planning


From a linear path to a circle, where each consumer experience feeds into another consumer

Destinations all around the world are competing for the same thing - to attract travelers to their location. Most already have great websites that are trustworthy with relevant content. But, in todays’ busy and stressful environment, travelers want easy access to information that is relevant to their needs, especially because they are becoming more impulsive