ArrivalGuides to launch a complete and transformed ArrivalGuides Platform with SnowStorm Technologies Inc.

Gothenburg, Sweden (December 7, 2016) – ArrivalGuides is replacing with a new interactive platform in January 2017, where travelers are not only able to read about the destination but also collaborate with their friends and family and book relevant travel content.

The ArrivalGuides’ fundamental goal has always been to help travelers make important decisions throughout the whole traveling process, by providing them with the most trustworthy and up-to-date destination information.

Together with our partner SnowStorm Technologies Inc. we have built a real-time platform where all social interaction will now take place – planning, booking and engagement between consumers and suppliers – thus empowering all travel brands to become an efficient personalized OTA.

Riaz Pisani, Chief Strategy Officer of SnowStorm Technologies Inc., said, “Adding collaboration and bookable content to the ArrivalGuides customer base is revolutionary and very exciting and allows the ArrivalGuides customers to provide a world class experience to the end customer while driving new incremental revenue streams”.

For you, as our destination partners, your content will play a vital part of the new platform, driving even more travelers by giving them the ability to book their trip as well. Your content will still be managed via our CMS (AGDA).

The new platform will not only include social sharing and messaging options but will provide relevant bookable content to the end user such as:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Tours & Excursions
  • Attractions
  • Local Transport
  • Cruises & Ferries


Magnus Aideborn, CEO of ArrivalGuides, said, “We believe that travel booking is going back to the traditional one-stop process, but in the digital environment – a place where you find all bookable and personalized products for your trip. We have seen huge interest for a platform like this that also provides a sharing option and a way for travelers to collaborate with one another. Therefore, we believe in the success of our new”.

For more information about the new Platform and example images, please click below

or contact Magnus Aideborn, CEO of ArrivalGuides, directly.

About ArrivalGuides

ArrivalGuides is the world’s largest distributor of destination content, with over 340 distribution partners using our library of destination information, including photos and videos, to improve customer interaction, experience, loyalty and transactions with their brand. Our distribution network consists of major global, influential brands who are using ArrivalGuides’ destination content to drive their travel business across all platforms and digital communications including apps, booking confirmations, newsletters, Smart TV applications and touchscreens. ArrivalGuides’ head office is in Gothenburg, Sweden. For more information, please see and

About SnowStorm Technologies Inc.

Snowstorm Technologies Inc. provides smart, social, simple and highly collaborative planning and booking solutions.  We believe that is the next logical step in the evolution of e-commerce.  Given the increasing need to share our experiences during the buying process, we have created the ability for our customers to seamlessly create real time collaborative environments, and add instant content to allow consumers and travel providers to interact and purchase together. For more information please see