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ArrivalGuides have over the years developed key tools for the travel business. The underlying goal has always been to help travelers making key decisions through the whole travel process, by providing them with the best, most trustworthy and always fresh destination information.

Our content is used by over 340 travel operators in all platforms and stages of the travel process. What has been lacking is an approach where destination content is smoothly integrated with the whole booking and planning process. Travelers visit on average 38 sites during the travel journey, not necessarily because they want to, but since the travel landscape is very fragmented.

We believe that the evolution is going back to the traditional one-stop shop (i.e. the old high street travel agency), but in the digital environment – A place where you find all products for your trip, easily bookable and targeted to each travelers personal needs. We have seen huge interest from travelers for a platform like this. To be successful a platform like this also needs to include simple possibilities to share and collaborate between travelers (and even with travel agents). ArrivalGuides has decided to take this position!

In December we will replace with a new platform, where the traveler can not only read destination information from the tourist bureaus, but also book all travel relevant products in one single platform.

The new platform will include products such as

Tours & Excursions
Local Transport
Cruise & Ferries

For you, as our destination partners your content will play a vital part of the new platform, driving even more travelers by giving them the ability to book their trip as well. Your content will still be steered via our CMS (AGDA)

One of the most important features will be that users can share travel details via Facebook (and email) and invite their travel companions to a personal url to allow collaborative planning, booking and payment.

For ArrivalGuides it means that we can help travelers with the whole trip, not just destination content. We expect a significant increase in traffic due to the sharing element, but also viral.

The platform is developed by a Canadian technology company that are nominated for travel innovation of the year at Phocuswright.



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Even more interesting is that destination companies can actually use the same solution on their own website, or even to replace their own site.

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Magnus Aideborn


If you are currently thinking about, or in the process of discussing the future of your own website, please contact me through the form, to hear more about how this platform could work for you