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Take 15 Minutes Every Week to Make Your ArrivalGuide Amazing

You work 12 months a year, 5 days a week and at least 8 hours a day, meaning approximately 1,700 hours per year in total (or maybe less if you work in Germany, the Netherlands or France, according to the OECD). Days fly by, as your work schedule is packed with an end to end


Poor Content Equals Negative Impact on Your Destination Guide

As a destination, it is important for you to attract as many travelers as you possibly can. There are several ways to create an appealing ‘call to action’ for the millions of potential tourists out there, but in the competitive environment known as “where should I go on holiday”, it is important to stand out

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Destination Brand Loyalty Starts with a City Card

When the holidays come around, millions of people decide to travel and explore destinations they have been inspired by and dreamed about. Many destinations have a lot to offer their visitors such as sights, tours, museums, educational programs, entertainment facilities, cafes, restaurants – and a lot more. Some of the quality attractions, sites or even


ArrivalGuides Has Come a Long Way Since 2004

Founded in 2004, ArrivalGuides started its’ life in Gothenburg, Sweden as the brainchild of Magnus Aideborn after he recognized a need in the marketplace. Magnus’s vision was to create the world’s largest supplier of destination content to distributors using a very simple CMS platform flexible enough for destinations to upload relevant and interesting content, and