UNWTO Video Competition

What Makes a Compelling Travel Video: Lessons from the UNWTO Video Competition

A lot has been said about some of the more technical aspects of making a successful destination travel video (“keep it short”; “catch the viewers’ attention in the first 10 seconds lest they click away”; “make the video mobile-friendly and indexible to achieve greater visibility”; etc.), but if this year’s United Nations World Tourism Organization


ArrivalGuides Introduces First Destination Guide with POI videos

Gothenburg, Sweden (1st June 2016) – ArrivalGuides is proud to announce a release of its very first destination guide featuring travel videos in the Points-of-Interest of popular attractions, sights, restaurants and much more. The city of Karlskrona is the first of many ArrivalGuides´ destination partners launching an upgraded destination guide that includes videos for its


Mobile is a Vital And Necessary Medium For Travelers

Can you imagine life without mobile? No, no one can. This small device is our best friend, a personal assistant, and a lifetime partner, transforming our everyday life. It´s allowing us to find a quick solution on the go, to learn new things in few minutes and solve all the problems in no time. It´s


Online Video Content: The Future of Destination and Travel Information

Standing out in the online crowd has never been more important. The masses of content produced in an ever-shifting web environment make it hard for the consumer to find that ‘special something’ that makes your destination information unique. In this context, questions such as, ‘Which channels are the most important ones to reach your target