Video on a Landing Page Increases Conversion by 86%

Over the last year, consumers changed their online behavior. Sitting in the safety of their home, binge-watching television is long-gone. I’m not saying the Netflix-and-chill affair is over. Quite the opposite – we certainly enjoy movie marathons, but our preferences on how we do it have altered. Most obviously, we are paying attention to more


ArrivalTV: Give Us A Minute And We Give You The World

Destination videos have proliferated at a time when travelers seek further inspiration for their next adventure. To survive in today’s competitive market, overflowing with online content, destinations need a unique voice. Video is one source that is becoming instrumental in creating this recognition. Already, marketers have embraced its potential at all stages of their planning


ArrivalTV Becomes The World’s Largest Supplier Of Destination Videos To Smart Tv Brands By Choice Of Netrange

Gothenburg, Sweden – (October 13, 2015) – ArrivalTV, a division of ArrivalGuides AB, is officially the largest provider of Destination Videos to Smart TV brands and set-top boxes (STBs) with the signing of NetRange as their latest video distribution partner. NetRange, of Hamburg, Germany, chose ArrivalGuides as a destination video supplier, or Content Service Provider


ArrivalGuides and Opera launch new on-demand travel TV channel

Gothenburg, Sweden (January 29, 2014) – TV as we once knew it belongs to the past, as unique video channels are created online a daily basis. On- demand TV is now one of the key ways for consumers to find the content they require. The recent Google survey The 2013 Traveler’s Road to Decision: Affluent