The Blurred Line Between Leisure and Business Travel

Bleisure is not new to the travel community, but while mixing business and leisure has been present for a long time, it has recently increased, along with the use of the “bleisure” word.

The newest Expedia Media Solutions research reveals the habits of bleisure travelers who extend their business trip with fun and leisure activities.

Overall, the research found out that 43% of all business trips are bleisure, and are influenced by different factors including location, attractions and activities and proximity to the weekend.


Who is “bleisure” traveler?

According to the report bleisure travelers are frequent business travelers who work in a variety of different industries and take business trips once every 2-3 months. Their business trips tend to last between two and three nights with adding more days for leisure purposes.

The leisure part of a bleisure trip often equals or exceeds the duration of the business part, making the whole bleisure trip longer than a usual business trip.

Bleisure trip benefits

Bleisure trips are a good opportunity to save on travel expenses, as 66% of bleisure travelers said that they tend to spend more money on leisure activities because of the money they saved on travel.

60% of them agreed that they take bleisure trips because they don´t take regular vacations.

Most bleisure trips, 84%, are spent in the same city or area as the business trip, however if the length of the trip increases, it is more likely for a traveler to visit a few other cities or areas (20%).

Decision making and booking factors

66% of bleisure travelers agreed that “traveling to an exciting destination” is the main reason turning a business trip to a leisure trip, followed by additional costs for extending their trip (59%).Travelers who consider the destination they travel to as the most important factor are more likely to look for cities with great attractions & sights, beaches, restaurants and weather.

Bleisure travelers research and book accommodation and flights first, followed by restaurants and events.


Source: Discover the Untapped Mind of a Bleisure Traveler, Expedia Media Solutions

Online behavior

49% of bleisure travelers visited one OTA site, while 59% visited two or more.

Computers dominate across travel sites but home rental sites and OTAs are viewed and researched on mobile only (42%).


Source: Discover the Untapped Mind of a Bleisure Traveler, Expedia Media Solutions

Key takeaway

Destinations and local activities are the most important factors when deciding to extend a business trip for leisure. This gives OTAs, hoteliers and other travel related business’ the opportunity to target business travelers with information that will help them not only to motivate mixing business with pleasure but also increase revenue and bookings. It is also a great opportunity for business related travel agencies and travel management companies to increase their service levels and to increase booking volumes.