Travel distribution – the end of the world as we know it

A recent Amadeus report “Travel distribution – the end of the world as we know it” lists mobile apps as the most important technology to disrupt travel distribution.

Mobile devices are already shaping the market today and their role as a major disruptor in the industry will continue to grow. Their portability is modifying the way customers interact with the industry and is driving demand for 24-hour services during travel and in-destination. “Micro-moment” searching and booking is likely to grow, with consumers taking advantage of short moments to glance at their mobiles through the day. Mobile is displaying particularly rapid growth in emerging markets where it is becoming the booking device of choice.

With smartphones, consumers can expect 24-hour services during travel and at their destination. Examples include shopping, theater, tours, car hire and restaurants all booked at the touch of a finger. Making changes to flights and ordering hotel meals while mid-trip are also likely to grow. The value of the market for services consumed during the trip is huge – larger than the travel and hotel markets themselves. According to Rossini (2014), ‘In-destination services accounted for almost USD 2,000 billion globally in 2013’.


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